Training young people to turn out the vote

and disrupt politics as usual.

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Our Mission

The Down Ballot Disruption Project will provide young people with everything they need to fundamentally reimagine their role in local politics. Knocking doors & building strong, sustainable community coalitions through deep canvassing to understand the issues impacting them daily, organizers will invite their neighbors into the creation of creative policy solutions, participating in collaborative community institutions which center people over profit.

 The Down Ballot Disruption Project will tackle institutional knowledge to support organizers through resources, coaching, and community.


Our Values



The people who know a community best are the people who live there. That's why we're giving young people training, resources, and support where they need it, and leaving the rest up to them.


Complicated campaign finance laws and a dependence on volunteer work has made high-capacity political engagement impossible for many low-income folks and people of color. We can't afford to leave anyone out of the fight ahead of us.


We know that our work doesn't stop on Election Day. That's why we emphasize the importance of relationships and partnerships built on trust and shared values - ensuring engaged communities that can last beyond elections.