Sign up and get assigned to a coach who will help guide you through the process of running your own Down Ballot Deep Canvassing campaign from goal setting to on the ground action. 

You will gain access to:

  1. 1:1 coaching: At least once per week, coaches will meet with each of their participants in a 1:1 ​​setting. During 1:1 coaching sessions, participants will follow a locally specific campaign arc outlined in the first week of the program. 

  2. Peer coaching: Participants will be organized into peer coaching pods to breed community and cross pollination. They will be grouped with 3 other participants who share the same coach. If the participant signs up with others in their deep canvassing team, they will be in the same pod as each other. Pods will be assigned based on the geopolitical context of participants. Coaching pods will meet every other week without the coach where they will work through a worksheet to guide them as a team through new critical deep canvassing skills.

  3. Our participant handbook: A participant handbook will be available as a deep canvassing guide for participants to follow along through the program. This handbook will include the worksheets to be completed by the coaching pods.

  4. Monthly Training: Full program training will occur once every month on deep canvassing skills that required nuanced approaches based on political context. After each training, there will be a small Q&A style office hour that is optional for participants. 

  5. Processing Spaces: Throughout the program, there will be intentional spaces to process hard conversations and emotions that come up during the difficult process of deep canvassing. 


All calls are online via Zoom!


Anyone and everyone between the ages of 13 - 30 who is interested in creating change in their community. Organizing experience is helpful but not required. Recruitment will be heavily focused around those who have an idea of what they want to canvass on, but a "menu" of deep canvassing topics will be provided during coaching 1:1's. 

Questions? email us at team@downballotdisruption.org

Step 1: LEARN about Deep Canvassing and how you can apply it to your local context. 

Step 2: GROW your skills with monthly trainings and coaching pods specifically tailored to you. 

Step 3: DISRUPT the systems of politics that keep us divided, deep canvass your community, build the bridges between politics and community

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