Here's the Plan.

We're teaming up with Lead Locally to provide intensive electoral organizing training and a week-by-week program where you and your friends will build a movement around a down ballot champion of your choosing. Here's how you'll do it: 

We’re breaking down the barriers that have kept young people out of politics for too long. Join our coaching program where you’ll be supported through researching and endorsing progressive down ballot candidates in your community. 


Once you know where to wield your support, you'll need the hard skills to back it up. Our weekly training sessions will give you skills in virtual canvassing strategies, relational organizing, building candidate narratives, campaign compliance rules, and so much more - making sure every person’s voice is heard on November 3rd.


After training, you'll mobilize  every eligible voter in your community to stage the largest youth electoral intervention in history -- all with the help of a coach. Whether it’s mail-in ballot education or ensuring safe in-person voting, you’ll be the difference in winning or losing for critical local and state candidates.

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