Here's the Plan.


18-year-olds qualify to run for so many down ballot offices, yet we rarely see anyone at that age on the ballot. That's why we're breaking down barriers for young people to run for office by helping to equitably running their campaigns. We'll support people's candidates under the age of 30 because we know young, working-class champions are directly in touch with the issues facing our generation today. It's time we see more 2020 level campaigns run with a 2030 vision.


Our communities are worth more than just their vote. That's why we're asking them what an equitable future would look like for them and their family. We'll coach participants to turn these at-the-door conversations into big pillars of working-class policy that centers those whose needs have been ignored. We’ll support organizers to design, craft, and implement transformative public policy by  consulting community members as partners, activating political power bigger than one election or candidate, and ultimately by building hype, non-transactional coalitions.


It's not enough to have young people running for office - we need young people leading fundraising, digital strategy, field operations, and more. We'll train young people at all levels of experience to be the next generation of political organizers to run revolutionary state and local campaigns, building the bench of future political leadership.

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