We run programming for young people 13-29 who are ready to take this election into their own hands. Here's the plan:

Sign up for our program with a cohort of people from your town or city ready to commit anywhere from 5-20 hours per week. We recommend asking a group of friends to participate with you. They don't need to know anything about politics beforehand. 

After you complete training, you'll get three things:
1. A handbook
2. A weekly cohort training session
3. A program coach

Each week, you will come to a 1 hour long training session to learn new skills and be in charge of implementing the skills the following week. You will have a 30 minute coaching call to help you out. 

This is an overview of what you'll do each week:


Research + Vision

Learn the importance of down ballot work with a crash course on down ballot politics. Envision the weeks ahead and set hard goals for voter contacts and registration. Learn more about the political landscape of your region and start to do some deep research into possible candidates to endorse in your area.


Learn the Basics

Launch relational organizing and VR strategize. Learn how to use essential voter registration technology and tools so you are ready to start turning your knowledge into action. Solidify the candidate you want to endorse in your area to pave your path to victory.


Meet your community

Learn about different organizations in your area to work in coalition with and the power dynamics of partnerships.Think about how to inclusively interact with local groups. Dig deeper into the people in your community left out of the political process.


Endorse Your Candidate

Learn about the power of formally endorsing your candidate learn what you can do for a campaign whether you are working alongside or with it.


Voter Registration

Start kicking off the real work of electoral organizing. Know local deadlines and rules and put down roots in the community so you can create meaningful connections with voters you will be talking to. Learn how to talk about down ballot elections with voters, and register voters in the time of COVID.


Voter Education

Learn about how to educate people in your community about down your down ballot candidates. Figure out what stories about your candidate appeal best to different groups of people in your community. This is the real way you’ll win this election.


Candidate Visibility

It’s time to make your candidate famous. Learn how to talk to press about your candidate, use tick tock to amplify their platforms, getting the word out online, and even holding a digital town hall with your candidate as a speaker. Paint some yard signs for your candidate and put them around town.


Intro to Get-Out-The-Vote

Take a hard look at where your candidate is and needs to be in the next 3 weeks. Start to plan huge phone and text banks for your candidate. It’s time to get reground in your goals and prepare for the next 3 weeks ahead.


Mail-in Ballots

This week, you will be making sure that mail in ballots are being requested by people in your community. Educate your community about mail in ballots, how to do them, and how to make sure they are sent in on time. Learn how to run a get out the vote campaign during COVID.



You made it! This week is election week. Get ready to make a final get out the vote strategic plan for election day to maximize voter turnout. Come to office hours to hear what you can do from experts. Good luck!

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